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Peter is a Partner at HealthTech180. He is an MD specialised in Internal medicine and Emergency medicine and owns a PhD on Innovative Multimodal Imaging in Cardiology. He built an extended carrier in the pharmaceutical industry, with a long-standing experience both in the clinical and research fields, managing the commercialization of multiple new therapeutics for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as for anticoagulation, including warfarin and NOACs. He also launched several first-in-class-first-in-human compounds. Currently, he is Head of Innovation in Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism Biopharmaceutical at the AstraZeneca Global HQ in Cambridge (UK). Thanks to his role, he is able to consult in different capacity the dynamic ecosystem of start-ups in healthcare, and he also serves as Chairman of Hemostatics S.L., a pharma start-up who develops a new antifibrinolytic agent against hemorrhage. Peter is a passionate clinical researcher and business leader who possesses a strong corporate entrepreneurial footprint. He is engaged in identifying and drive effective, individualised and scalable solutions helping people succeed in living a healthy live, preventing epidemic-size chronic diseases that share common pathways and removable behaviour-related risk factors. He is the co-author on a number of manuscripts published in peer-review scientific journals, mainly in the field of cardiology, resuscitation, diabetes, magnetocardiography, real-world evidence and health economic models.

Specialty Head of Innovation at AstraZeneca Global HQ
Degrees MD, PhD in Cardiology and Imaging, Global Executive MBA
Years of experience 20+
Work Days